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Mobile post of electrical interlocking

Mobile complex system "Inventory control station -  Mobile complex of electrical interlocking "  consists of station operator module (length 7 m), relay module (length 9m) and diesel-generator unit (length 6 m) and it is a universal movable autonomic post of electrical centralization  (manufactured "North" modules)  with the possibility within the shortest period (not more than 2 hours) to enable any train station for traffic development without any special design works, connecting it with existing trackside assets of electrical interlocking and existing tracking devices for train traffic management.

Mobile system of electric interlocking is applied on the basis of official manual EI-9 with applying of modern block for train route and relay interlocking.

Advantages of EI – 9

  • High reliability of equipment
  • Simplicity and reliability in exploitation
  • Familiar control system for personnel
  • High mechanic and commutation / switch devices durability
  • High maintainability
  • Complex modularity, compatibility with equipment of other manufacturers
  • Provision of engineer and technical support

Mobile complex “Inventory control station” can be applied as following:

- In emergency situations during problems with main electrical interlocking post (fire, natural disaster and etc.) in order to operatively organize proper train traffic

- During reconstruction of old systems of electrical interlocking together with replacement of post equipment without construction new buildings and posts for electrical interlocking

- During repairing works for one of the railways on stations and tunnels

- During capital repairs of rail road