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LLC “POLIVID” focuses all own efforts on development of effective system for provision of high quality products and services which meet the highest life requirements of modern society as well as on promotion of more full and qualified provision for one of the fundamental human rights which is the right for security. We aim at achievement of the highest level of satisfaction by our clients – the principle which is the milestone of our corporate policy.

Our mission is fulfilled through our intent commitment to the following strategic objectives:

Customer satisfaction.

The main advantage of LLC “POLIVID” is our understanding of point that the customer is the main priority in company’s activity. That is why one of the main objectives in our activity is to remember about customers and to see the situation from customer’s point of view. We use the best practices, modern technologies, innovations and know-hows in order to exceed expectations of our each client.


The world around us where we fulfill our activity is permanently changing. Modern speed of life dictates own rules. We understand that success can be achieved only by those who move forward and we as LLC “POLIVID” are aimed at achievement of leading positions on the market. We strongly focused on following our target.

Strive for the best.

Our target is to permanently improve activity of our company aiming at satisfaction of our customers’ needs. We eagerly strive for excellence in order to bring pleasure to our clients by of the most advanced products.  Solidarity of our team is in fulfillment of our target.

We are strong team of professionals. The company aims to ensure that every employee is proud of the fact that he works in LLC "POLIVID" company.  We direct our efforts on the continuous development of professionalism of our staff. We achieve that creative and committed attitude to work is a daily norm for employees, so that each member of our team feels involved into activity of the Company. The unity of personal and corporate understanding is the basis for each employee.

Social Responsibility.
We live and work in Russia, and we are proud of this. Like any other company we are one of the cells of our society. LLC "POLIVID" contributes to improving life in our country by developing, providing new working places, introducing new technologies as well as by paying taxes. We participate in development of civilized market in Russia.

Therefore day by day, we justify our present existence and define our future by value of our work which is necessary to all around us.