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1.     RSCMS

RSCMS is designed to detect the rolling stock coming-off as well as for availability of drawing parts of the rolling stock and cargo protruding over rolling stock minimum fixed structure. Electrical resistance of complete unit is maximum 0.5 ohms measured at cable sleeve pad terminals. Electrical resistance of the RSCMS detector is maximum 0.1 ohms. RSCMS detector operating force vertically is within 5 kN. The insulation resistance of RSCMS conductive parts at a temperature of  25 °С and relative humidity of  100 % is minimum 2 megohms. The RCSMC detector case installation height is 20 mm below than rail head level (+/- 1 mm).

Flange way zone adjusting is in the range of 60 mm to 90 mm for opportunities to support the operation on tangent and curved tracks.

RSCMS complete weight is no more than 60 kg.

The RSCMC complete include:

-                     Rolling stock coming-off and drawing parts control detector, 5 pcs;

-                     Beam for RSCMS detector mounting and electrical installation;

-                     RSCMS detector fixing elements;

-                     Fixing elements for RSCMS installation;

-                     Connecting boxes with terminal boards for RSCMS connection to signaling devices;

-                     Share parts, tools and accessories, including additional detectors;

-                     Barrier devices designed to RSCMS protect from false operation by cutting off foreign objects from the running unit (wire, ice, etc.).

RSCMS has 5 detectors, 3 of which are inside the rail track, and 2 are outside. Conductive element (wire) is inside the detectors. Detectors are connected together in series. 2 jumpers are at the RSCMS ends for connection to cable ending sleeves. Detector connection to the control electrical circuit is carried out with bushing terminals. Device fixing to sleeper is carried out with RSCMS fixing unit.

Barrier device is designed for installation on 1520 mm railway gage with R65, R50 rail types at sections with any types of sleepers.


Figure 1. RSCMS equipment connection

Figure 1. RSCMS equipment connection