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Railway Traffic Interval Control and Safety System

The Railway Traffic Interval Control and Safety System (ICSS) is designed to control railway traffic and ensure its safety for passenger and freight trains, locomotives, rail cars, motor cars and track machines at railway spans and stations, at high and low traffic sections, electrified and diesel traction sections, including high speed (up to 350 km per hour) lines.

ICSS ensures safe intervals between trains going in one direction at railway spans and stations, train and shunting routes automatic control with unconditional exclusion of mutually dangerous routes.

The system unconditionally excludes the violation of the regular and temporary speed limits as well as passes on to the stop traffic lights.

ICSS applies different methods of the train location determination, data transfer back-up redundant channels and hierarchical principle of data processing.

The system has the logic control of train passage in order to exclude the formation of the signals of false vacancy of the occupied track sections.

All the integral parts of ICSS have internally built-in testing facility.

The ICSS consists of the following hardware:

  • track devices for spans and stations,
  • station devices for spans and stations,
  • locomotive railway traffic control and safety systems.

Track devices consist of the following hardware:

  • sensors,
  • signalling and locomotive devices.

The sensors are:

  • train positioning sensors ,
  • axle box temperature sensors,
  • trains break up control devices (TBCD).

Mainly track circuits are used as train positioning sensors through which railway sections vacancy and track circuits integrity is controlled, what is especially urgent for preventing sabotage, terrorist and vandalism activities.

Axle counters are used as auxiliary devices on low-traffic sections.

Signalling and executing units consist of the following devices:

  • span and station traffic lights,
  • station switches,
  • track circuits for transmitting ALS and multi-aspect ALS-EN signals to locomotives.

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